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Business Counseling And Litigation

Successful small businesses use experienced professionals for legal, accounting and insurance matters, at the time they are being established. We counsel many clients as they are deciding what type of business entity to form, what type of tax treatment to select, and what types of business documents are needed for both the formation of the company and day-to-day business operations. If multiple partners or shareholders are involved, often we provide assistance in drafting documents to govern what happens if a partner or stockholder wants to sell the business interest, wants to retire, is involuntarily disabled or passes away. Many businesses want to make sure their employees do not use their confidential and proprietary information to benefit competitors in the future. We prepare employee contracts to cover these and many other business concerns. We also help design effective employment applications, employee handbooks and human resource policies. In keeping with our “preventive lawyering” philosophy, we help our business clients design contracts and agreements for their daily use to make it less likely that they will end up in litigation with their customers or their employees. Call us to find out what services we can provide for your new or existing business ventures.

Occasionally, even the best prepared businesses end up in court. We have experience in enforcing and defending against trade secrets violations and noncompetition agreements. We have litigated fraudulent representation and tortious interference claims, real estate disputes, lease enforcements, partnership and stockholder disputes, and collections. We are here to assist with all of our clients’ business litigation needs.

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