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Claire A. Duchemin has been helping clients in the Leon County and surrounding areas for more than 40 years. She likes to assist individuals and businesses in preparing for and planning for the future. Often this involves both an estate plan and an exit strategy for a business.

As a Florida lawyer, she also has many years of experience in litigating complex business matters and contract issues. She has advised clients through the purchase and sale of real estate, development property and ongoing businesses.

Among many other areas, our Tallahassee-based firm focuses on providing the following services for individuals and businesses:

  • Estate planning — Whether you want a trust or a will or to use some other method of passing your assets to your loved ones, we will design the type of plan to fit your needs and provide you with peace of mind.
  • Probate and tending to affairs after someone dies — If you have lost a friend or relative and don’t know where to turn or what to do, take comfort. We do know what to do and how to assist you whether you are the person named to be the administrator of an estate, a trustee, or are just trying to help someone. We will lead you through the probate process, only if necessary, and we will use the most appropriate probate process for your situation. Often a summary proceeding is available that will not require the formal, time-consuming process you may have heard horror stories about.
  • Estate and trust litigation — Sometimes wills, trusts or even bank account designations are created or manipulated wrongfully. Occasionally an estate administrator or a trustee is not properly carrying out the fiduciary responsibilities of the job. We litigate these matters, usually as a last possible resort. We hate to see a family fractured over an inheritance, but if people do not do the right thing, then litigation may be the only way to make sure the deceased person’s true wishes are being carried out.
  • Business counseling — Starting a new business is such an exciting time, but it can be a minefield of legal issues if not done correctly when first setting it up. We help your business thrive by providing the guidance and advice you need from human resources matters to compliance with various state and federal regulations for your industry. We work with your tax professionals to establish the proper business entity for you, depending upon your personal tax situation. We provide contracts, forms, and other documents designed to prevent legal problems from occurring downstream.
  • Business litigation — Sometimes businesses encounter legal issues with leases, or employee contracts, or other businesses engaged in unfair and anti-competitive business practices. Professional people like attorneys, accountants and real estate brokers may be negligent in their handling of your affairs. Businesses may have insurance coverage issues or need to collect from their own clients. We can assist with these and many other types of business controversies that may arise.

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We want to make you feel comfortable and at ease as we help you plan for the future or go through estate administration, probate, or some other legal nightmare. We also will fight for you in any litigation matters that may arise.

Regardless of what you are facing, Claire A. Duchemin, P.A., is ready to help you. Schedule a consultation with us today by calling 850-270-7770 or sending an email.

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